Emergency & Safety

Security Instructions

Your safety and the security of your personal property are of the utmost concern to us. If you notice anything of a suspicious or alarming nature, or have need of any special assistance, please contact the management.
We urge you to take advantage of the following suggestions:

Safeguard your room key as you would your residence key.
If your room key is lost, report it to the Front Desk immediately.
Lock your door from the inside while occupying the room.
Use the safety latch. Be sure the guestroom door is locked and secure any openings to balconies or patios before retiring or leaving the room.
Never admit repair persons without checking with management.
Never admit persons with unsolicited deliveries.
Do not keep valuables in the room. Safe-deposit boxes are available free of charge at the Front Desk.
Do not leave valuables inside parked vehicles.
Do not discuss plans for staying away from the hotel in front of strangers.
Do not leave your luggage unattended while checking out.
Do not leave your key in the room.

Fire Safety Information

When you check in
Please take note of the following: Locate the nearest fire exits. Count and remember the number of doors between the exits. Open exit doors and examine the staircase layout.
Locate the nearest alarm pull station and fire extinguisher. Inspect your room. Study the layout of your room and determine anything that might help or hinder possible emergency exiting. Read all fire emergency information provided, including the layout on the back of the door. Always keep your room key handy near your bed.

Evacuation plan
If you discover fire or smoke inside your room, call the reception (9) and give them your location. Take your room keycard or key. If the door is not hot, open it slightly and look in bothdirections for the nearest exit sign. Exit the room and close the door behind you. Alert others inthe area if possible and activate the nearest fire alarm. Walk to the nearest stairway (do not usethe elevator) and exit the building. If smoke is present, stay low.

If your door is hot
If the door is hot, do not open it. Call the reception (9) and give them your location. Stuff wet towels or clothes under the door and in air vents to keep out smoke and fumes. Remain calm, and wait for further instructions. If you cannot exit, your room is the safest place to be. If you think you need to open a window for air, and you are above ground floor, avoid breaking the window because you may need to close it to keep smoke out later.