Látnivalók Kecskeméten

Kecskemét City Hall Visitor Centre

Kossuth Square 1, Kecskemét 6000

The renovation of the Town Hall and the interactive exhibition created in it have added a new gem to Kecskemét’s repertoire of attractions. The exhibition offers an insight into the city’s past, providing information on more than 300 different topics. The individual rooms present interesting features closely related to the city of Kecskemét, complemented by various 21st century attractions and sights. The Visitor Centre also includes an activity room for children and youngsters, offering an exciting and unique tourist experience, and homes Hungary’s second largest building maquette.

Town Hall

Kossuth Square 1, Kecskemét 6000

The Town Hall built by the plans of Ödön Lechner and Gyula Pártos, considered as the pearl of Hungarian Art Noveau.
In 1985 the offices moved into the building of which area is 5534 m² and has 174 rooms. The style of the building is a mixture of the French Renaissance architecture and the elements of the Hungarian folk art. The Ceremonial Hall is the venue of the General Assembly meetings of the city, national and international conferences, wedding ceremonies and ceremonial receptions. The colourful glass windows were made in the famous workshop of Miksa Róth.
The decorative wall-painting was made by Adolf Götz, the wall-candlesticks and the chandelier were made by Sándor Árkay, the Imperial and Royal locksmith based on the designs of Szilárd Várady.

Katona József Theatre

+36 76 501 170
Katona József Square 5, Kecskemét 6000

The Neo- Baroque building of the theatre was built for the Millennium of the country. It was named after the author of the first Hungarian national drama – the son of Kecskemét – József Katona. It is resemblance to the Vígszínház in Budapest is not coincidental, they were both built by the plans of the famous Vienna architects, Hellmer and Fellner. It is ornamental design reminding of the jewel box is especially spectacular in the evening.

Kodály Zoltán Institute

+36 76 481 518
Kéttemplom Alley 1, Kecskemét 6000

Here you can see an exhibition showing the life story of the famous Hungarian composer and music educator, Zoltán Kodály. The institute was established in 1975, provides post-graduate trainings for native and foreign music pedagogues in the field of Hungarian music pedagogy and methodology especially Kodály’s conception of music education.


+36 76 480 776
Rákóczi street 1, Kecskemét 6000

Cifrapalota (Ornamented Palace) is a unique piece of architecture, known as the masterpiece of Art Nouveau with its wonderful ”waving” walls, shining roof tiles and ceramic ornaments of plants and animals. It hosts the art gallery of Katona József Museum today.

Hungarian Museum of Naive Artists 

+36 76 324 767
Gáspár András boulevard, Kecskemét 6000

The permanent and periodical exhibitions of the museum give a review of Hungarian naïve and folk sculptural arts.

Szórakaténusz Toy Museum and Workshop

+36 76 481 469
Gáspár András boulevard 11, Kecskemét 6000

Its mission is to collect the toys of Hungarian and international culture, along with scientific research and their presentation.

Hungarian Photography Museum

+36 76 483 221
Katona József Square 12, Kecskemét 6000

The Museum is the only museum of photography in the country. It collects contemporary and historic Hungarian and foreign photos, negatives, machines, objects, documents.

International Ceramics Studio

+36 76 486 867
Kápolna street 11, Kecskemét 6000

A contemporary art collection of ceramics, it hosts about 3000 pieces of art from more than 300 artists of 43 countries and 5 continents.

Collection of Folk Art 

+36 76 327 203
Serfőző street 19, Kecskemét 6000

In the 200-year-old former brewery pieces of folk carving, pottery, embroidery, weaving and other minor folk art crafts are on display.

Leskowsky Collection of Musical Instruments

+36 76 486 616
Rákóczi street 15, Kecskemét 6000

The largest collection of the country, where everyone can try to play the special instruments. There are more than 1500 pieces of Hungarian and European musical instruments.

Bozsó Collection

+ 36 76 324 625
Klapka street 34, Kecskemét 6000

János Bozsó, Munkácsy Prize winner painter collected masterpieces of Hungarian folk art and European arts and crafts of the previous centuries. The museum was renewed and enlarged in 2012 and now hosts a collection of special clocks and watches as well.

Zwack Palinka Distillery and Exhibition

+36 76 487 711
Matkói street 2,
Kecskemét 6000

In the Kecskemét factory of the Zwack Unikum plc.an exhibition of the palinka distillery and the family history can be seen.

Kecskemét’s Spa and Aqua Park

+36 76 500 320
Csabay Géza boulevard 5, Kecskemét 6000

Kecskemét’ s main summer attraction is this huge waterpark 3 km southwest of the centre, which is loaded with fun things for the kids (five slides, huge pools, ball courts, grassy park) but is also equipped with three spas to soothe any aches and pains among older folk.

Domb Beach and Wakeboard Court

+36 70 408 3688
Csabay Géza boulevard 7,
Kecskemét 6000

Only 500 meters from the Kecskemét’s Aqua Park, you can find the Domb Beach, where you can enjoy the sunshine on a sunny beach during the summer season. The bravers can also try the cable wakeboarding here.

Malom Center

+36 76 402 200
Korona street 2, Kecskemét 6000

Malom Center was built in the place of the Kecskemét Economic Mill, which was the first steam mill in the region. Malom Center has 9 levels with the following opportunities: 90 shops, 5 cinema rooms, bank, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, and on the lower floors, a 463 car parking spaces, which is available 24/7.

István Messzi Sports Hall

+36 76 500 320
Olimpia u. 1/a, Kecskemét 6000

Messzi Istvan Sports Hall, the Sport Hall of Kecskemét, which is the home of the sport teams of Kecskemét. You can visit different sport games and also concerts. The sport hall has about 1400 seats.

Katona József Library

+36 76 500 550
Piaristák Square 8, Kecskemét 6000

Katona József Library is the largest library in Kecskemét. The institution has more than 100 years of history.

Hírös Agóra Cultural and Youth Center

+36 76 503 880
Deák Ferenc Square 1, Kecskemét 6000

The Hírös Agóra Cultural and Youth Center, the largest cultural center of the region has opened its doors to visitors on the 11th of January in 1975. It offers several cultural, artistic and leisure activities for every age group. For more details please visit: http://www.hirosagora.hu/fooldal

Hírös City Tourist Center

+36 76 501 717
Rákóczi street 15, Kecskemét 6000

The Hírös City Tourist Center is located in the renovated building of the Old City Cinema in Kecskemét.
Different kinds of cultural, touristic programs, concerts and events take place here. Furthermore, you can visit here The Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection and enjoy performances of the László Kelemen Chamber Theatre.

Tourinform Office

+36 76 800 040
Szabadság Square 5/A, Kecskemét 6000

Kecskemét City’s Tourinform Office is located in the middle of the city center in Szabadság Square, where visitors can get more information about sights, cultural programs, tourist services, accomodation and dining options of Kecskemét and its region. For further information please visit http://tourinformkecskemet.hu/